R - Read Scripture
by Rob Thompson on July 17th, 2020
When it comes to reading the Bible (Scripture), I like to think of the acronym R.E.A.P.  As we spend time in Scripture, we will "REAP" a harvest.  Read, Examine, Apply, Pray.  The first in this series is R for Read.If I said you should read the Bible, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll respond in 1 of 3 ways...Indeed.  It’s very important and I try to read every day.Indeed, but frankly it’s a str...  Read More
What Bible is right for me?
by Josh Cervone on July 10th, 2020
Since the very beginning of the Christian faith, the reading and study of the Bible has been a core activity for believers. In Acts 2:42, Luke tells us that the early church “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers (ESV).” Much of the New Testament we have today was written by the apostles in the form of letters that include their t...  Read More
Outdoor Service Reminders
by Rob Thompson on June 13th, 2020
Welcome to our Outdoor Service.  Here are some quick reminders... Coffee is available.  Enjoy!Worship Song Lyrics are available in the Beacon Church App.  Click on "Sunday Morning Tools" and then click on "Song Lyrics".  Paper song sheets are also available at the Welcome Table.Restrooms are available.  Face Coverings are required to enter the building. Please enter only on the North side of the b...  Read More
Day Camp 2020: Moving Forward
by Josh Cervone on May 26th, 2020
Although we are extremely disappointed, we are announcing the cancellation of Day Camp for 2020. Our Elder Board met over the weekend and made the decision to cancel. We are well aware of the reach and impact of Day Camp within our church and within the larger Galloway community, so we wanted to take a few minutes and explain our thought process for cancelling.As we face the new challenges of life...  Read More
Sunday Services Update: New Option
by Rob Thompson on May 14th, 2020
Hello Beacon Family!We love you and miss you all! We're continuing to plan and adjust as new information comes our way. As you may have heard, the officials have given some new direction that applies specifically to churches. Little by little, we're going to be moving toward being back in worship together in our sanctuary. We're not there yet, but we can't wait!We'll be continuing our online servi...  Read More
Day Camp in a Pandemic, Part 2
by Josh Cervone on May 13th, 2020
As this pandemic has continued , we have been spending a significant amount of time reevaluating our plans for this upcoming summer, including our plans for Day Camp. If you are reading this, you are likely aware that we have pushed the registration date back twice. We are doing that once more. Registration will now take place on May 29th. It may seem odd that we are again delaying our registratio...  Read More