Bible Reading Plans for Kids

Happy New Year! Hopefully, you and your family enjoyed the Christmas season. As 2024 begins, we have begun a Bible reading plan together. As you may know, we are reading through the entire Bible in one year in chronological order (more info HERE). Spending time in the Word is how we get to know the Father. And doing it together is how we develop a community that is centered on our relationship with God. It provides a place for us to ask and answer questions and sharpen one another as we grow in our walks with the Lord.

But what about our kids? Reading the entire Bible in one year is too large of a task for an 8-year-old or a 10-year-old. Not to mention there are portions of the Bible that kiddos aren't ready for. So how to we develop a love for Scripture and a knowledge of the Biblical story in our kids?

Bible reading plans for kids!! I initially figured out that these existed because I was looking for a reading plan to use with my own kiddos. I settled on using a plan from Crossway that covers the high points of the biblical story over the course of 20 days. They email me each day's reading, which makes it super easy to keep up.

In addition to the plans from Crossway, the publishers of the Explorer Bible and the Adventure Bible (both of which we highly recommend) have their own reading plans. The Explorer Bible has a 5 day reading plan that you can find in YouVersion. And the Adventure Bible has a whole series of reading plans on their website.

Any of these plans would be great. The big picture goal is to be able to set aside a few minutes each day to read Scripture with our kids. As we take time to read with them, they will become familiar with the story of the Bible and will get to know Jesus. And that is really our ultimate goal as parents.

Josh Cervone