Snow and Prophecy

Pastor Rob was right

A few weeks ago on a Sunday, I scoffed at a winter advisory stating that in spite of the forecast, i believed the snow would accumulate to an inch or less. Shoveling my walk the next day reminded me just how wrong I was! I was counting on the pattern of the past few winters which brought many threats, but no action. So much for a second career as a meteorologist :)
More painfully, Pastor Rob was correct in his excitement/ prediction. That’s what really bothered me (I'm getting therapy from Josh… it’s starting to help). We tend to make predictions often… usually on minor things like an Eagles game, weather, or what color pants pastor Dan will wear (I’ve never missed on that one). It’s fun to guess and speculate.

When we scan history, there have been a number of prognosticators on much bigger things… some of them accurate, most not so much. However, when we read through scripture, we see prophecy after prophecy fulfilled. We see a God who warns about the future, often through his prophets, and is spot on every time! His predictions always come to pass. And when we come to the New Testament, Jesus reminds us of things to come. The book of Revelation is full of prophecy and scary scenarios, and we’re reminded that return of Christ is immanent. Our Lord has told us in his word that he is returning to this earth, he’s coming to rescue his people, and that he will bring this world as we know it to a climax and conclusion and ultimately usher in a new heaven and earth!

The major problem for us is that NO ONE knows the timing of these events. I think there’s times we wish we did, but then when we really think that through, knowing the timetable would be more than any of us could bear. So, God in his infinite wisdom, keeps us in the dark for our own good. He has however, told us to look for the signs, and to be ready. The Word tells us that our responsibility is not to try and come up with a timeline for Jesus' return, but to not be caught off guard.

How are we to live in light of his second coming? What does it mean to be ready?

1. Know that you belong to Jesus. We settle the matter when we submit to him as Lord, king, and savior. He’s only a prayer away!

2. Keep serving! None of us know the timeline of his coming… so may he find us faithfully following him!

3. Encourage someone! The darker the days become, the more our fellow saints will need encouragement.

4. Remain in Him! Jesus tells us to stay connected to the vine. (John 15). Be in the Word, in fellowship, in prayer.

5. Let your light shine! By our testimony we can literally “snatch some from the fire” … until the day of his return, may we be faithful in proclaiming the good news of the gospel.

6. Love the people around you! Always a great idea…

7. Lastly, rest in the fact that you belong to him! This is often the most difficult…. Because the evil one wants to ramp up anxiety, worry, and stress as our culture goes south… keep resting in the one who knows all about it, and will never let you go!

Pete Nelson