Day Camp, Eternity, & Joy

It is so wonderful to see all the moving parts of our Day Camp ministry! It truly is a great picture of an army of volunteers working together to serve our community and model the love of Christ!

With any big endeavor like this, it is not without its problems. We run into parents' complaints, schedule snafus, issues with oppressive heat, one of our elders scaring the children with his voice, kid drama, teen drama, too many opinions, the pastor forgetting that the treats are not for him :) All the usual stuff…

However, the blessings far outweigh these minor issues! I’m writing this on Thursday of Week One of Day Camp, and as in years past, I’m so grateful for the way people serve here! We have our kitchen crew, our teen counselors, our staff, volunteers who set up games, pick up trash, sit outside in 90 degree heat to serve lunch, help with first aid, fix things after hours… the list is long. As pastor, it truly encourages my heart to see young and older working and laughing together.
Today I was reflecting on the why of all this. That’s always a good question to ponder. The end game if you would is that we will see every one of these children in heaven one day! In addition to that, the hope is that young children would have a desire to follow Jesus, that they would be confident and secure in their identity, an identity that is rooted in their creator God. That along their personal journey they could also avoid the ugly traps of the evil one. The dangers and pitfalls such as alcohol and drug abuse, gender confusion, self worth issues, again, another long list. Today we were talking about the two paths that lie ahead for any of us. Jesus himself lays them out. A road that leads to life and one that is shrouded in darkness and ends in death. A broad path and a narrow path. The hope of Day Camp and all of our children’s ministries is that young people will choose to start following the savior and choose the life and hope found in him!

A final note, Day Camp also has its “second hand blessings" and the major one is friendships that form among our adult volunteers, young and “older”. People get to know others in the church family in a way they hadn’t before. It’s great to see and hear about:). Thanks Jenn and Rebecca for taking this on! We rise and call you blessed!

Pete Nelson