Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

This is a special guest blog post from Pastor Al!

I love Beacon church. One of the things I like most about Beacon is that we are praying church. Whenever someone needs prayer, that prayer need can be put on the church’s prayer chain and people will pray for that need.

My reason for writing this blog is to say thanks to the many of you who have been praying for my health situation.

After being told that my cancer was active again in my abdomen and had spread to my liver in November 2002, hundreds of people have been praying for my healing.

I began getting treatments at Thomas Jefferson in Philly. I have been getting a monthly shot which is an anti-hormonal treatment specific to the type of cancer that I have. After having a PET scan in June, I met with my oncologist in July to get the results. She told me she had great news.  One of the two active cancer sites in my abdomen had disappeared, and the liver lesion had become less active.

After getting the great news, I asked if I could jump up and down to celebrate. She said yes. It really felt good. I forgot to ask Evelyn to video it.

I believe that God answers prayer. He’s done it in my life over and over again and I believe he will continue to do it.

Thank you church for praying for me. Thanks also for praying for my wife Evelyn. She has been the best caregiver in the world.

Josh Cervone