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Kid's Ministry is being offered during the sermon time of the worship service. After families sing together, First Look (Pre-K through Kindergarten), 252Kids (1st-3rd grades), and 252Preteens (4th-6th grades) will be dismissed. PLEASE check in all kids before service. This is especially important for our First Look kids so that we can introduce them to the youth group students that will be leading them through the trail. There will be 2 youth group students with each group of 3 First Look kids. An announcement to dismiss the students and kids will be made after worship.  Please take your First Look child to the back to meet up with their group so they can make their way to the trail.  252Kids, who have checked in already will head to the Genesis Room and the 252Preteens who have checked in will head inside and upstairs to the Upper Room. Computers will be available outside the front doors of the church to check-in.  I
If you have questions, please contact our Kids Ministry Director Jenn Robinson by clicking HERE.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

It is our prayer that your children and students come to know Jesus & his love for them.  We hope that they experience God in real ways and become grounded in the truth of His Word.  We remain prayerful that they will grow in His grace as they mature in Christ into people who know, love and serve Him. 

Sunday Mornings

Worship Service Outside

10:00 AM

Currently, we will be offering Blessing Bags containing activities for kids ages Pre K through 6th Grade during our outdoor services.

After service, we will be offering Kids Ministry classes for children from PreK-6th grade. PreK and Kindergarten students will go for a trail hike on our prayer trail and engage with their curriculum in a more active way. First through sixth grade students will be inside in a classroom engaging in a more traditional way (masks are required).
If you have questions, please contact our Kids Ministry Director Jenn Robinson by clicking HERE.

Think Orange

We utilize the Orange curriculum in our children's ministries. Orange embraces the idea that we are stronger together. The home (Red) plus the Church (Yellow) equals Orange. If you would like more information about the curriculum or the Orange organization please check here.

Parent Cue Resources

As part of our Orange curriculum, our parents have access to the Parent Cue app. This app will allow you to view the video you kids watched during their time with us, it will provide tips on how to integrate the lesson into the rhythm of your week, and will give you some information on their developmental phase. Its an awesome resource and we want to encourage you to check it out!

Download the app here.
Check out the Parent Cue website here for even more resources.

Internet Safety Resources

Technology can do so much good in the world. And if not used well, it can also do so much harm. Never before in human history have young people had the ability to so radically change the trajectory of each other’s lives so quickly.
The Internet Safety Experts at Protect Young Eyes want to help all caring adults teach young people how to use technology well. Led by Chris McKenna (dad, Senate witness, child advocate), PYE will prepare you for today’s digital risks.
  • Can YouTube be controlled?
  • When’s the right age to talk to my kids about porn?
  • What’s the right age for social media?
  • What’s the right amount of screen time?
  • What’s the best parental control solution?
  • How do predators use social media to get to kids?
Anxious to get started? Receive their free weekly newsletter by texting PROTECT to 66866 or click below to check out their other resources!

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