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If you’re as old as I am, or maybe even older, you might remember the mid to late 1980’s ATT advertising campaign, “Reach out and touch someone”.   The ads ended with…  “when the people you love come through loud and clear, that’s ATT”.  How about this…  when the people you love come through loud and clear, that’s Beacon Church?  

Are we actively reaching out to others?  This is the kind of community that we want to be.  As followers of Christ, who “have the best news on the planet”, we want to be reaching out with this news to those around us.

We’ve got a new tool to help us all take a small step to do just that.  We’ve developed an Invitation Card along with an Invitation landing page online.  Here’s how it works…  We have 2 versions of the card…  a standard 4”x5” Postcard that is designed to be mailed, and a miniature version designed to be handed out (business card size).  For the first run of this Postcard, we’re providing them to you with postage already attached.  We want this to be as easy as possible.

The cards include all the information that is needed for someone considering a visit to Beacon Church.  The card includes an obvious QR code.  When scanned, the user is directed to a website with lots of additional information.  Try it out yourself before you drop the card in the mail.

So, here’s our challenge to you, pick up 3-5 copies (or more) of the card this Sunday, or a Sunday to follow, and start “reaching out and touching someone” with an invitation to Beacon Church.  We’d encourage you to consider inviting your local neighbors who directly surround you, friends, family and coworkers.  Write a short note on the back of the card, and drop it in the mail.

Let’s take this small step to reach out, and touch others. Beacon Church is an incredible community.  Let’s not keep this a secret!

Pastor Rob
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Rob Thompson