Reading the Bible? Now What?

So, you’ve signed up, and you’ve started reading… Now what?  You might be asking…

Why didn’t I get the email with all the details?
You may have signed up after the date that we sent the details.  Here’s a quick review…  We’ve recommended 3 options for reading.  You can access all 3 of these at
  1. You can read in the Beacon Church App.  Click on Bible on the bottom right, click on Plan.
  2. You can print the schedule that we’ve created and read in your own Bible.
  3. You can buy a copy of “The One Year Chronological Bible”.

How can I connect with others who are reading the Bible?   
There are over 175 of us!  We’ve created a discussion group right in our Church App.  Here’s how to get connected… Open the App, click on the messaging icon in the top right, click on Discover, click on the “Bible Reading 2024” group, and then say hello!  In this discussion group, you’ll find camaraderie, a place to ask questions, and a place to connect to others.  Feel free to join, even if you don’t post.  We’d love for you to join us!  

How can I get some context to what I’m reading?
I’m glad you asked!  If you aren’t familiar with it, you must check out The Bible Project.  They’ve produced high quality short overview videos for every book of the Bible.  We would recommend that you watch the appropriate video each time we arrive at a new book of the bible.  You can find all of these videos for free at 

What happens if I fall behind?  
Don’t sweat it, but get caught up as soon as you can.  You may need to double up a few days.  You may need to set aside a chunk of time to read your missed days.  Frankly, if you fall too far behind, some have chosen to simply pick up where they left off.  Don’t beat yourself up and don’t quit!

What can I do if I have questions? 
First of all, we ALL have questions!  Here are some options for when you have questions.  
  1. Ask your question in the Bible Discussion Group (see above).
  2. Ask your Pastors.  Pastor Pete knows everything…  ok, that may not be the case, but your pastors would love to chat with you and help you find answers.  We may not know the answer, but we can certainly help you find the answer.  Contact Pastor Pete (, Pastor Josh (,  Pastor Dan (, or myself, Pastor Rob (
  3. Google your question.  Now, please be careful… I know it will shock you, but there’s a lot of wrong information out on the internet.  So, make sure the answers to your questions are coming from reliable sources.
  4. Buy a commentary.  Commentaries are books that others have written that give explanation to what you are reading.  Some commentaries are very thorough and only cover one book of the bible.  Some other commentaries are more basic, and will cover many books.  See our Study Tools page on our website for some recommendations at

We're so glad you've joined us on this journey through the Bible!  “When you open your Bible, God opens His mouth.” — Mark Batterson

Pastor Rob

Rob Thompson