In the Holy Spirit
by Josh Cervone on July 29th, 2022
This week we are going to return to and complete our series on the Apostle’s Creed. So far, we have briefly introduced the Creed and covered its discussion of God the Father and Jesus. This week we will look at the final section that confirms belief in the Spirit, the Church, and several other core tenants of the Christian faith. The final section of the Creed says this:I believe in the Holy Spiri...  Read More
Psummer Psalms
by Pete Nelson on July 15th, 2022
This summer we are journeying through the book of Psalms. We are just into week three of our study. The book of Psalms is a beautiful book, one that has blessed, encouraged, and challenged the hearts of believers for centuries! If you don’t regularly read in the book of Psalms, I want to encourage you to start! If you do, then I know you have been incredibly blessed by the way these songs speak to...  Read More
by Dan Vandzura on July 9th, 2022
          Today we wrap up a series that we have been working on as pastors for the last few months all about “next steps”: some of the simple acts, traditions, and sacraments that make up the Christian life. We’ve touched on salvation, baptism, and joining the church body, but today, things get a little bit broader. We are wrapping up with the idea of service. You have been saved, baptized, and e...  Read More
by Josh Cervone on July 1st, 2022
This week’s blog is the third installment in a four-part series on next steps in our faith. The first two posts covered salvation and baptism. Today we are going to look at church membership.Unlike the other next steps we have covered and will cover, church membership isn’t explicitly discussed in Scripture. At least not in the context that we mean it here. Salvation, baptism, and service (that’s ...  Read More
by Rob Thompson on June 24th, 2022
This week is the second post in a four-post series about next steps we take in our faith. We’ve  looked at salvation.  Later we’ll consider membership and service. This week we start with the very first next step after salvation, baptism.What is baptism and why do we do it?It is a public profession of faith – It’s an outward expression of the inward reality of already having been saved.  It’s a ph...  Read More
by Josh Cervone on June 17th, 2022
This week is the first post in a four-post series about next steps we take in our faith. We are going to look at salvation, baptism, membership, and service. This week we start with the very first next step, coming to know Jesus.Here’s what it looks like when a person is saved: God draws you to Himself…You sense something missing in your soul.  You feel sick about your own sin, and you confess, yo...  Read More