If we expect to be ONE in Church, there must be uncommon and unnatural intentional behavior.  Common vision, purpose and goals (certainly we are called to this) requires uncommon and unnatural teachability, eagerness for harmony, admiration of other’s, humilty and meekness.

  • Teachability - “Never be wise in your own sight.” Rom 12:16
  • Eagerness for Harmony – “Live in harmony with one another” Rom 12:16
  • Admiration of Others – “Outdo one another in showing honor.” Rom 12:10
  • Humility - "Do nothing from selfish ambition, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves." Phil 2:3
  • Meekness – “Do not be haughty” Rom 12:16

Sadly, a flesh filled, all-too-common pompous and unyielding inability to listen and learn, lazy acceptance of discord, blindness to the gifting of others, and self righteousness are our pitfalls. We are quick to speak and slow to listen to other's perspectives. We don’t understand that unity follows harmony, not the other way around. We compare ourselves to others and tend to focus on our strengths and other’s weaknesses.  We tend to think much too much about ourselves.  We are intransigent.

Let’s listen and learn.  Let’s make sweet music together (harmony) by embracing and learning to appreciate our differences.  Let’s celebrate one another.  Let’s first consider others before ourselves. These are the characteristics that will drive us and bind us together, as ONE in Church.
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Rob Thompson