Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Our Beacon Church family is active in missions.  We work with diligence to be obedient to God’s command to be disciples who share the Gospel, His Word, and His promises. We do this through prayer, action, love, and financial support to field missionaries.  Scroll down to learn which missionaries and organizations we are supporting and what short term missions trips may be coming up.

Missionary of the Month

Dan and Lucia Brubaker

God’s Word in the Tonka* language is transforming lives since the New Testament was dedicated in 2006. Lord willing, the Old Testament translation will be complete around 2028. Dan and Lucia are thankful to be a part of this great work. Dan continues to help the Tonka* Bible translators but also assists other Bible translators by teaching them how to use and troubleshoot the computer programs they use for their translation work. Lucia is a part of the process, too, as she cares for the staff through her role as a Human Resource Administrator.

Dan and Lucia invite you to partner with them in prayer as they work to see the whole Bible in the Tonka* language and Bible translation advanced in the languages of West Africa.

(*Tonka is a pseudonym used for security reasons.) 

Active Missionaries

Phil and Ruth Alessi

Gary and Terri Camlin - EFCA Reach Global

Steve and Jennifer Hu - CRU

Dave and Oksana Elsinger - EFCA Reach Global

Laura Matera - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sara Wolf - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Roy and Darla Oksnevad - EFCA Reach Global

Kevin and Babette Waterson - EFCA Reach Global Crisis Response

Jacobsen - CRU (Jesus Film)

Eric Hurst - EFCA Crisis Response