Why Does a Worldview Matter?

About a month ago, we finished up a series on our church's statement of faith. In that series, we looked at 10 statements regarding our faith that are foundational (you can find the statement itself HERE) a number of people have asked me to put this in written form. (remember… One is “a number “:) I agreed… This might be helpful for some people… I hope it is.

So, following an outline of that message, we asked the question “so what?“ to each of our statements of faith. Much more could, and possibly should, be said about each of these… But this is a condensed version. I’ll just head each one of these with one word or phrase that describes the entire statement and share a reason or two about why they matter!

1. God: our creator God matters! It is foundational to our faith and antithetical to much of what the evil one has perpetrated. We believe in an intelligent design, and an awesome, sovereign, designer. He creates out of nothing, simply by his powerful and good word. God created us male and female - with purpose and meaning! We are viable, completely human, and fashioned by God in our mothers womb! A creator God, who is good, all knowing, and all powerful… Makes sense of our world and its intricate order! Believing in the creator God is foundational in our battle against the evil one and his design of chaos, confusion, disrespect for life, and random meaningless design!

2. The Bible: it matters because God has spoken! This ancient document speaks to our hearts as freshly today as when it was first delivered. It matters because we need parameters, and God outlines them beautifully for us. without standards, we flounder. Without an ultimate authority, the loudest voice rules, and evil often wins the day. We can trust the Bible too (for a wonderful teaching on this check out a video attached to Pastor robs March 31 blog). The Bible is holy, inspired by God, and a blessing for believers… It is our go to in our battle with the philosophies of a fallen world.

3. The human condition: our stance on this matters, because an underlying, misguided notion is that man is basically good. We are not. We are sinners by nature, and by choice, and desperately in need of a savior! Christianity offers just that.

4. Jesus Christ: God. Accept no less. The eternal word became flesh and lived among us. The lie out there is that he’s a good teacher, a man of morality, a gifted orator… But not God. we believe that he intervened in time and space to walk among us. He claimed to be God. He spoke of himself as the way, the truth and the life. He is our only hope of salvation. There’s a reason we mark time before Christ, and after his death. He is the central figure of all of history.

5. The work of Christ: Jesus lives a sinless life, dies on the cross at Calvary, is resurrected, and now seated at the right hand of God the father. He is our substitute, and the payment for our sin. He takes the punishment that was due us, and all who trust in him know forgiveness, Grace, and mercy. Why does this matter? our sins erased. Our eternal destiny secured. We are covered in his grace. we belong to him Forever. Do all Roads lead to God? They do not. We are reconciled to God only through the work of Jesus Christ.
6. The Holy Spirit: God. Third person of the trinity. He leads us to Christ. He helps us in our weaknesses. He empowers us. He assures us. We surrender to him, and he blesses, encourages, and leads us. This matters because there are so many evil spirits that would lead us astray. The Holy Spirit leads us in the path of righteousness.

7. The church: a people who gather together to worship and serve the Lord. We need each other. We feed each other. We disciple, love, encourage, bless, challenge, and strengthen one another. We celebrate together in the Lord supper and baptism. The lie is that you don’t need the church… But we desperately do! In addition, the church blesses our larger community and shares the good news with the lost. The church is a gift that our Lord left us.

8. Christian Living: it matters how we live! Perfection? Not in this life! But godly living blesses us, and those around us. Carelessness leads to foolish living… And the place of settling for something less than gods best. Conversely, an over emphasis on performance leads to legalism. A healthy Christian perspective says “I get to serve the Lord, I can live my life for his glory, and others will be blessed in the process”. May it be so.

9. The return of Christ: our Savior said he was returning. Jesus tells us to watch for it, and be ready, while not wasting our time trying to set dates or times. It matters because the king is coming back to set everything in order! It matters because we are to keep serving, loving, and growing in the meantime because none of us know the day or the hour when he will return. We are to be watchful and hopeful! It matters, because in the end justice will reign, the king will rule, the church will be welcomed home!

10. Eternal destiny: there is a real heaven. There is a real hell. The Bible says so. Jesus said so it matters because we are to continue to hold out the gracious offer of Christ and forgiveness to every human being. Some will turn a deaf ear to his Grace, and there will be no escaping his judgment. For those who are in Christ, there is no condemnation! There is coming a new heaven and a new earth, new bodies, no more death, morning, crying, or pain. He is making all things new! Eden restored.

Your worldview matters. Persevere in it! Press into the truth of our awesome God and his marvelous plan. It is the only thing that makes sense out of the senselessness that is all around us. Praise God for his plan, and for revealing himself to us!

Pete Nelson