Servants: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

In so many of the apostle Paul's writings, he refers to himself as “a servant of the Lord." More accurately, “a bondservant”, saying he belonged to someone. Clearly, it was his understanding that he belongs to the Lord and that serving is part of who he is!

Every time I think of the Beacon family, I am so grateful for the number of servants that grace our church!

Today I was visiting our Hope Chest ministry and kept running into smiling faces of people who love to serve and have a heart to bless others. Wednesday, we’ll be eating together as part of our midweek “Rooted” gathering. And I will again run into smiling faces of people serving food, putting away chairs, teaching kids, blessing our teenagers, and discipling adults. Sunday will be a similar story with people greeting, working our nursery, leading worship, working on the computer and soundboard, teaching children, and putting out coffee (and bagels!). And then there’s a host of “unseen” servants who show up to work on our building and property, count offerings, work on budgets, sign checks, write notes, pray for others, set up rooms, sort clothes, etc. On any given day, I’ll come across people leading Bible studies, encouraging our seniors, helping people get some food, bringing a friend to an AA meeting, a Divorce Care group, or a Grief Share meeting. Beyond that, others will open their homes for small groups, serve on committees, visit nursing homes, bless widows, or simply invite someone for a cup of coffee to counsel or maybe just laugh or cry together.
Serving each other is what our Lord calls us to do! In the above list of things going on, I’m sure I omitted some things. It's not my intent to leave anything out. There are also seasonal things like One Winter's Night, Upward, Day Camp, and who knows what else might be on the horizon!
My main point is this: we are wonderfully blessed with an army of servants! That is a beautiful thing and such an encouragement to me as a pastor! I have also seen how incredibly blessed servants tend to be… it’s just the amazing way our Father works :)

The Bible talks about our being gifted (Ephesians 4:11-16; Romans 12:3-13; I Corinthians 14). We are to employ our gifts to serve others… and as we do, the whole bunch of us are blessed!

This blog is more of a praise and thank-offering for all of you who serve the Lord and bless me!! Thanks for doing that.

Pete Nelson