P - Pray and Proceed

When it comes to reading the Bible (Scripture), we like to think of the acronym R.E.A.P. As we spend time in Scripture, we will "REAP" a harvest. Read, Examine, Apply, Pray.  

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So, now we look at the fourth and last in this process… P if for Pray and Proceed.

Pray through the passage and your application, asking God to change your heart and to change your life, based on the time you’ve spent in God’s Word.f  Once, you've prayed, it's time to take action, or proceed as God has led.

One of the common errors we make is to walk away from Scripture without taking time to prayerfully reflect and respond to its content.  It's one thing to recognize truth, it's another to talk to God about that truth and submit to allowing it to change our lives.  

Now that you've read the text, taken the time to examine its content, and considered how it applies, it's time to proceed, while keeping in step with God.  We should never proceed without prayer first.

Pray and talk to God, because...

Scripture exposes our sin and celebrates and encourages our faithfulness.
Scripture reminds us of God's promises.
Scripture gives us strength.
Scripture gives us God's commands.
Scripture gives us examples to follow and not follow.
Scripture teaches us who God is, who we are, and how he works in and through us.
Scripture calls us to action; giving us vision.
Scripture gives us hope.

Talk to God.  Tell him what you've read.  Tell him of your observations.  Be specific.  Be honest. Tell him of how you plan to apply these truths in your life.  Ask for confirmation and for strength.  

Now... Proceed.

Rob Thompson