Finding the Music

I believe there's a distinct tune God has put in each one of us! It's a song that is your own, put there by God.

In the church we often talk about "discovering your giftedness", or "finding your shape for ministry". We believe that the God of the universe saves us by his grace and then makes us ministers of that grace, which takes various forms. We really do need to find out who we are, what makes us thrive, and what the "grace song" is that God has put in our heart! We are not all out of the same mold, our God doesn't produce a bunch of clones, he seems to delight in variety! Finding the song God has put in your heart is helps us to serve and is a source of joy for us and others. Your song or giftedness is tailor made for you... And it's important not to try to be something you are not. Let me illustrate:

I began my ministry some 30 years ago as a youth pastor plagiarizing from a bunch of preachers I could find on tape. Those of us who speak publicly are regularly stealing ideas, jokes, etc., because we are not always so creative on our own! But I wasn't just taking ideas, I was trying to be these guys. Then about a year into ministry God made it clear to me that he would really prefer to work through my personality (I'm a slow learner). He was telling me that, in case I hadn't noticed, he made me unique. He had given me my own history, my own sense of humor, my own experiences, and a mind that worked just fine. Why on earth would you want to be somebody else? Good question. It changed the way I studied, the way I read my Bible, the way I was to go about ministry. And mostly, it was freeing! Trying to be someone else is exhausting. It's harder than being yourself and makes one neurotic.

You are a unique person. God's word tells us that he fashioned us in our mothers womb, and we are fearfully, and wonderfully made! That began at conception, and continues through all our days. You have experiences, history, abilities, insight, that are all unique to you. Christianity is not about becoming exactly like other Christians, it's about the spirit of the living God allowing you to be you. Now, that doesn't give you license to be nasty, obscene, or unkind, those are things God wants refined in you and me. But it sure does give you license to be funny, studious, witty, serious, intense, or laid-back… He expects us to be who he made us to be! Embrace your uniqueness, your gifts, your likes and dislikes… Play to your strengths. God will use it all if we surrender to him. And in the process, we will find our lives, and may discover the song he's put in our heart!

There are some passages in the Bible that list gifts, (1 Cor. 12 and 14; Rom. 12; Eph. 4) and the interesting thing is that they list different stuff. It seems that the lists are just partial... Sort of like examples of abilities and gifts God blesses his followers with. You can be sure of this though, God has given you strengths, talents, abilities... He designed you, he creates beauty in us, he doesn't make errors, and he is very creative!

Part of this walk with Jesus is you being you with the goal of honoring him. How do we find out what our "grace song" or gift is? It's pretty simple... Keep walking with Jesus, ask him, do the things you enjoy, and take a few risks. When we fix our eyes and thoughts on Christ we begin to find the music he's put deep within our souls.

When you find the song... Sing it often... It will bless you and others!

Ministry has been different during this season... but Gods children are still finding ways to serve and to be a blessing... he wants to use you and me to encourage our community! Keep the music going.
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Pete Nelson