Building Update

Phase 1 - Community Center and Facilities Garage

Projected Cost - $800,000
Phase 1 is currently underway!  Our congregation has faithfully given, and this phase is fully funded.  We are expecting the completion of this phase in early 2024.  This facility will host our Community Center which will provide a place for our Hope Chest Ministry.  This ministry provides a free store to assist those in our community with food and clothing needs.  This facility will also contain a large Coffee House gathering space, as well as a three-bay garage for our facility management needs.

Phase 2 - Children's Wing

Projected Cost - $400,000
We desire to have a place where all of our children have a single, dedicated, and safe space.  From birth through 6th grade, our children will have a uniquely designed space just for them.  This will include check-in, classrooms, large group gathering space, space for our new moms who can watch services while caring for their infants, and a sensory room for our children with special needs.  We are currently in the design phase.  We hope to present our drawings soon and have township approvals so that we can begin construction in early 2024.

Phase 3 - Large Group Gathering and Youth Center

Projected Cost - Unknown
We need additional large group gathering spaces.  This second-floor addition will provide substantial space for adult gatherings, bible studies, and small groups.  This phase will also include a dedicated large space for our 7th - 12th grade youth.

Phase 4 - Offices

Projected Cost - Unknown
This phase will renovate some classrooms, converting them into office space for our staff.  
We look forward to moving our staff offices into our main building.