Protect Young Eyes Presentation

On September 27 at 6:30 PM we will be hosting a presentation from Protect Young Eyes (PYE). PYE is an internet safety organization that seeks to educate students and parents about how to maintain a safe and healthy presence in our digital spaces. This page hosts information about the presentation, the speaker, and the organization.

Space will be limited, so if you plan to attend the IN PERSON event, please register in advance by clicking HERE.  
If you would prefer to watch the LIVESTREAM, please register in advance by clicking HERE.
Digital Trends 2020
Equipping Kids to Thrive in an Increasingly Hostile Online World

Technology can do so much good in the world. And if not used well, it can also do so much harm. Never before in human history have young people had the ability to so radically change the trajectory of each other’s lives so quickly.
The Internet Safety Experts at Protect Young Eyes want to help all caring adults teach young people how to use technology well. Led by Chris McKenna (dad, Senate witness, child advocate), PYE will prepare you for today’s digital risks.
  • Can YouTube be controlled?
  • When’s the right age to talk to my kids about porn?
  • What’s the right age for social media?
  • What’s the right amount of screen time?
  • What’s the best parental control solution?
  • How do predators use social media to get to kids?
You will leave with a long list of practical steps you can implement in 24 hours to build strong protections around your precious children. We’ll see you September 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM.
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Featured in the video
Chris McKenna, Founder, CEO: Chris wants to make sure kids are protected from online harm and learn to use technology in good and positive ways. Using experience gleaned from a 12-year career with Ernst & Young and six years in full-time middle school ministry, Chris created Protect Young Eyes as a way to equip and encourage parents and students to use technology responsibly. Chris’ research has helped countless families around the country, with a presentation team that performs hundreds of talks at schools and churches every year. Chris practices his internet safety tips on his four amazing children and is regularly featured on news, radio, and podcasts, and most recently on Capitol Hill, for his research.
Speaker for Event
Doug Crawford, COO
: Doug is a faithful husband to Rose; father to four uniquely gifted children; and friend to everyone he meets. He has been with Chris since the early days of Protect Young Eyes and is driven by his desire to provide for, prepare, and protect those entrusted to his care. Doug is frequently interviewed by a variety of media outlets, including articles, podcasts and local news stations around the country. With over 20 years of experience helping students and their families, Doug seeks to serve each audience with compassion, integrity, and a dash of whimsical flair. 

Additional Information and Resources

PYE offers additional information and a host of resources at their website. Click HERE to visit.
If you are looking for more information, we would suggest two main PYE resources.
The first is their blog. Their blog has posts that review various apps, online safety strategies, and things to look out for when your kids are using the internet. You can visit that by clicking HERE.
The second, is their apps page. On this page, PYE gives an in depth look at many popular apps and games that your kids are using and how to use them safely. Click HERE to visit that page.